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A Beginner’s Guide to College Funding

Written by: Matt Escalante We all know kids can be expensive when you add up the costs for everyday essentials such as food, clothing, daycare, etc. (just to name a few). The moment a child is born, the clock starts ticking on developing a proper plan for one of the... read more

Investing Beyond Company Stock

Listen to Eric and Dennis discuss the full range of options available to investors when considering investing in a company, including bonds, preferred stock, and common stock. They also recap recent happenings in the fixed income markets and the impact on current... read more

Return to the Wild West for Texas 403(b) Plans?

Written by Mike Cochran Eighteen years ago, the Texas Legislature implemented what could arguably be described as the best system in the U.S. for regulating 403(b) plans in Texas public schools.  In 2019, the Legislature dismantled that system. The Legislature passed... read more

It’s 2019—What’s the Status of Your Estate Plan?

Hosted by Dennis Bielik, CFP, CFA®, FRM and Doug Paul, JD In this podcast, we cover important estate planning topics for you—all of you. No matter your marital status, income, or career, we all need an estate plan of some sort. The most surprising aspect of it is how... read more