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Stop failing your financial plan

Written by: Dennis Bielik, CFA®, FRM “A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery. As a Financial Planner, I like to spend a couple weekends throughout the year to look back on the year so far and soak it in. Each time I do this, I find... read more

3 Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

Written by: Dennis Bielik, CFA®, FRM Credit scores will play an important part in many purchases you make throughout your life.  It may not appear to be a flashing neon sign hanging over your head as you stroll down the sidewalk as seen on TV, but it is flashing... read more

Market Commentary—December 2018

In our last commentary we discussed the importance of risk management for clients. Before October, we made two critical changes to our risk overlay models and began to take profits off the table along with reducing risk. Since then, we have lowered risk three... read more

Fixed-Income: Grab a Seat and Watch the Game Play Out

Written by: Dennis Bielik, CFA®, FRM There is nothing more popular or prevalent than diversification and asset allocation in portfolio management. Whether you are an employee of the industry or an investor looking for a money manager, you cannot escape these terms.... read more

4 Steps to Not Get Spooked by Holiday Volatility

Written by: Chris Jamail, CFP® & Dennis Bielik, CFA®, FRM Fall is back again. It’s a season defined by transition and change, like the leaves changing color (admittedly rare in Texas), the infamous reappearance of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the... read more

Emergency Savings

In 2017, 34% of American households experienced a major, unexpected expense – and only 39% of Americans said they would be able to cover even a $1,000 emergency. Every financial plan should start with an emergency savings – it’s the backbone, foundation, and buttress... read more